Partnership, Director & Shareholder Dispute Resolution

Partnership disputes almost always detract significantly from the business. Over the years a countless number of our insolvency appointments can be attributed to an underlying dispute between the shareholders, partners and/or directors.

We have settled numerous disputes, big and small, solvent and insolvent, formal and informal. Our experience, particularly our knowledge of the downside of disputes and our understanding of contract and statute law, allows us to get the combatants to realise the real costs and risks of an ongoing dispute, the vulnerability of the respective parties and to focus on the big issues.

Once resolution of a dispute has been agreed big picture, the devil is often in the detail of any settlement deed or the like. Our experience enables us to keep all parties focused on the major aspects of any resolution and not bog down on the minutia. More often than not, to bring about settlement is urgent from the point of view of a successful continuation of the underlying business and we are very experienced at driving all and sundry to completion, where hopefully all parties achieve an optimum result given the limitations of existing circumstances.

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