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Ron Dean-Willcocks

Ron has been a registered Liquidator since 1981 and an Official Liquidator of the Supreme and Federal Court since 1992. Ron is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Justice of the Peace, and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commerce.

Ron has been appointed to in excess of 1000 formal administrations as either voluntary administrator, deed administrator, liquidator, official liquidator, receiver and manager including court appointed receiver and trustee under the Conveyancing Act and otherwise.

Ron is expert at corporate structuring to minimize the impact of possible insolvency on stakeholders and has resolved countless commercial disputes between partners, shareholders and other stakeholders including creditors plus facilitated the sale of hundreds of business’ both solvent and insolvent.

Ron’s insolvency and commercial experience allows him to identify the key issues necessary to resolve disputes, facilitate a sale and to take the business forward with minimum disruption.

Ron was first admitted as a partner in practice in 1981 and commenced trading with John Star as Star Dean-Willcocks, Chartered Accountants in 1991.

Ron has a strong work ethic and obtains as much satisfaction from successful results on a small scale as he does on larger matters. He enjoys and obtains significant satisfaction and pride from his work, the development of his staff and the position of DW Advisory in the market place.

Part 5.3A of the Corporation Act is a relatively young legislation, consequently Ron has been involved in a number of leading cases which have helped to settle the law namely:

  • Re Crawford House Press Pty Ltd (1995) 17 ACSR 295
    No entitlement of creditors incurred during period of deed of company arrangement to prove in a subsequent liquidation. Decision led to the Crawford House Press Amendment Bill and subsequent amendment of the Corporations Law with the enactment of the Corporations Law Amendment Act 1997.
  • Dean-Willcocks v Commissioner of Taxation [2004] NSWSC 1058
    In proceedings by a liquidator to recover alleged preference payments to the Australian Taxation Office, the Court held that the Commissioner of Taxation was fixed with cumulative knowledge of each sub-unit of his office in terms of knowledge or suspicion of a taxpayer’s insolvency. It remains this case is commonly relied on in proceedings.
  • Dean-Willcocks v Air Transit International [2002] NSWSC 525
    In proceedings by a liquidator for recovery of unfair preferences, this case established that such claims could be brought in a single proceeding – joining each of the alleged recipients of unfair preferences as defendants. Each individual defendant was bound by any decision of the Court with respect to findings of insolvency etc. Again, this case is regularly relied on in proceedings.
  • Dean-Willcocks v Soluble Solution Hydroponics Pty Ltd & Anor (1997) Matter No 1884/97
    Court approved pooling of assets in liquidations of associated companies where there was no separate accounting of assets and liabilities and affairs of the companies were considerable interwoven.
  • Employers’ Mutual Indemnity (Workers’ Compensation) Ltd v J.S.T. Transport Services Pty Ltd & Anor [1997] 66 FCA
    In the absence of another nominee as administrator of a deed of company arrangement, a vote at the s439A meeting in favour of a deed of company arrangement is in fact a vote in favour of the incumbent administrator’s appointment as deed administrator. In such circumstances the incumbent administrator can utilise special proxies in his favour and vote for execution of a deed in accordance with Corporations Regulation 5.6.33(3).
  • Mercy v Wanari [2000] NSWSC 756
    Court ruled on question of whether creditors’ resolution approving a deed of company arrangement extinguishes an existing winding up in insolvency. Court outlined the principles to be applied in considering application to terminate a winding-up after deed of company arrangement had been approved.
  • Australian Innovation Limited v. Ronald John Dean-Willcocks and Ors [2001] NSWSC 24
    Appointment of administrators to a company by a secured creditor in accordance with s.436(1) Corporations Act is not a step in the enforcement of the charge for the purposes of s.267(1).
  • Dean-Willcocks v Powerline GES [2002] NSWSC 40
    Order that second (s439A) meeting of creditors under Part 5.3A be adjourned to a date more than 60 days after the day it was originally convened.
  • Dean-Willcocks v ACG Engineering [2003] NSWSC 353
    This case determined that the administrator of a Deed of Company Arrangement (“Deed”) held the Deed fund in trust for participating creditors under the Deed and that the fund did not form part of any assets available for distribution in any subsequent liquidation of the company.
  • Dean-Willcocks re Yeshiva Properties No 1 & Ors [2003] NSWSC 1252
    Part 5.3A varied to allow the s.436E meeting to be dispended with, and a truncated convening period in view of a prior insolvency administration.
  • Dean-Willcocks v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2003] NSWSC 466
    Rejection of expert opinion evidence. Opinions were not wholly or substantially based on the specialised knowledge of the experts.
  • Dean-Willcocks & Anor; re: Alpha Telecom (Aust) Pty Ltd & Anor [2004] NSWSC 738
    Court approved pooling of assets in liquidations which followed voluntary administrations of two individual entities notwithstanding lack of unanimous support from all creditors.

Notable appointments include, Crawford House Press, Astral Bus Group, Clifford Corporation Limited, Yeshina Jewish College and Central Norsman Gold Corporation Limited.



  • Registered Liquidator
  • Official Liquidator
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Member of the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commerce
  • Justice of the Peace