NEWSLETTER | Phoenix Activity – An Update
Broadly speaking, illegal phoenix activity refers to the creation of a new company to take over from the business of an existing insolvent company. Often, assets of the insolvent company are transferred to the new company without paying fair consideration, if any at all, leaving no assets to pay outstanding taxes, creditors and employee entitlements…read more

NEWSLETTER | The Importance of Keeping Proper Financial Records
The importance of keeping proper financial records of a company by a director was highlighted in the case of In the matter of Swan Services Pty Limited (in liquidation) [2016] NSWSC 1724 in which it was determined that the presumption of insolvency in s588E(4) of the Corporations Act appliedread more

ANNOUNCEMENT | A New Look In 2018
From 1 January 2018 Dean-Willcocks Advisory will be known as DW Advisory. Our name change reflects the growth of the firm, with all its principals Cameron Gray, Anthony Elkerton and Ron Dean-Willcocks, registered liquidators….read more

NEWSLETTER | Safe Harbour for Directors : Murky Waters Ahead
The Corporations Act 2001 (“the Act”) imposes a duty on company directors to prevent a company from trading whilst insolvent and can impose a civil penalty on a director for debts incurred by the company if, at the time the debt is incurred, there are reasonable grounds to suspect the company is insolvent …read more

ANNOUNCEMENT | Whistler APAC Conference 2018
Once again we are very pleased to sponsor and promote the Australian Professionals Advisors Conference (APAC) to be held in Whistler Canada, January 13th to 20th 2018read more

NEWSLETTER | Director Penalty Notices (“DPNS”) – Let the Director beware
Two recent court decisions have reiterated the responsibilities of directors for payment of withheld taxes (and superannuation payments) and the importance of paying heed to the protections available against personal liability contained within relevant taxation legislationread more

ANNOUNCEMENT | Cameron Gray appointed as principal
We are very pleased to advise that after 14 great years with us Cameron Gray has recently been registered by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission as aread more

NEWSLETTER | Payment arrangements with the ATO – A ‘two-edged sword’
The latest Annual Report from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) indicates that small business accounts for the majority (around 62.4%) of all outstanding tax debts. Collection of small business tax debts is therefore a specific area of focus for the ATOread more

For many years our firm has been synonymous with all forms of insolvency. There are however many strings to our bow. In addition to formal insolvency appointments and advice we pride ourselves on servicing your personal, business and commercial requirementsread more

NEWSLETTER | Insolvency Insight
It is that time of the year when people generally start considering their tax affairs and get them into some sort of order. It is also an appropriate time to review your client’s affairs from an insolvency point of viewread more