Business Sale/Purchase Support

We have been involved in the sale of hundreds of businesses, solvent and insolvent, expanding or contracting for all sorts of reasons.

Our experience allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business and we seek to assist the vendor to maximise the benefit of any sale, given the reality of the circumstances.

When acting for the purchaser, our experience enables us to assist in focusing on any issues inherent in the business to facilitate negotiation of the optimum purchase.

A sale or purchase of course is never done until the cash is in the bank. Often transactions can stall or fail because of the parties’ inability to sort out the fine print of contract documentation. Our experience allows us to help all focus on the real issues of any contract or agreement, recognising that very seldom all aspects of a sale contract are perfect, often the compromises necessary to achieve completion may only be minor.

For more information on our support services, please contact us to arrange an immediate initial interview without obligation.